Religions are extrovert, their tendency is to expand and increase the number of followers. They use all the tectics to achieve this target, even killing of humans is also justifiable for the sake of expansion. In fact if you see history of modern civilization, maximum number of people would have died directly or indirectly due to religious involvement. Religion is a power game, played by power centres exploiting the gullible masses by showing them imaginary fears Where as spirituality is completely individual and personal. It is your inner game. It is about seeking your own truth. Religion is like quenching your hunger by reading a recipe book, and force entire world also to do this foolishness. Spirituality is about tasting the real nectar of existence. Unlike religions spiritually is not power game it is game of curiosity , curiosity for absolute truth- seeking it - experiencing it and live with it.

Thoughts are function of Conscious mind. Subconscious doesn't think. It only understands emotions, Visuals and other sensory memories, learnings derived from past experiences etc. SCM is just a storage House. Below sequence of events will help you understand what keeps on happening within us : Conscious mind focuses ( or most of the times misses to focus) on sensory inputs, they enter into SCM, which triggers some memories from sub conscious storage which induces some emotions in us. And we start attracting thoughts of the frequency which resonate with the frequency of that emotion.

First of all not all problems can be solved by self hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is a method to access your sub Conscious mind. Now while accessing we do two kinds of transactions. First is to instill something in to it and second is to get something out of it or to find or fetch something from it. For instilling something in to it self hypnosis works nicely. But to fetch something our of it you need more relaxed and deep state where we need someone to guide is to that depth.

I am clinical Hypnotherapist so would comment on the Hypnotherapy part. You are asking does it Really mean to hypnotise some one. Theoretically speaking when ever anything accesses your SCM (sub conscious mind) then it can be said you are hypnotized. Movie, ads, literature and lots and lots of other things systematically not only access but changes our SCM's script. So they keep hypnotizing us daily many times. And if you think getting hypnotized means losing all your senses start behaving like a dumb zombie and follow all the commands given by therapist, then it is your misconception, thanks to movies and other factors most of the people are scared to visit Hypnotherapist and they miss out the huge and miraculous benefits of this great science. Now let's come to the trance. Hypnotic trance is a transient state. A state where your body is at sleep and a portion of your mind is awake.A part of You must remain Conscious to interact with the therapist or therapist will not be able to guide your further in therapy. People think hypnotic trance is a deep sleep, or unconscious state or zombie state where subject is completely out of his or her senses but it is not correct. The person is fully awake and aware about what is happening with him, what questions are being asked to him and what suggestions are being given to him and he has full control wheather to follow them or not. Therapist can't and won't use hypnotic trance for the purpose of interrogation or lie detection. Frankly speaking we live in a trance all the time, Hypnotherapy is a process to bring you out of trance and make you more aware of your inner game. Real Hypnotherapist doesn't hypnotize you ,he actually De-hypnotize you!

Yes of course. In fact dreams are more real than our reality, so dream are super real. They tell us a lot about the condition and the deep subconscious programming of us. In Hypnotherapy there is a modality called Dream Therapy where a therapist takes clue from clients' dreams and decides in which direction the therapy should go further.

The answer depends on the purpose for what and in what circumstances you want to figure out this. Thumb rule will be to give the person something unexpected or slightly shocking sensory input and see how he or she reacts.

The answer is No. As far as I understand human mind, it is not possible to read. Human mind is multi-dimensional, unique for each individual, highly irrational, vulnerable and unpredictable part of human existence. An intelligent person can easily manipulate his own mind (atleast , if not others).

In my opinion, Science and intuitions are not completely independent. There must be a science behind intuition and vice versa. Actually Science is the method of looking at some phenomena, a person can be scientific towards anything. And opposite of it is also very much possible. By scientific if you mean generalizing (by proving with figures) and finding the thumb rules and dealing with psychology the we deal with physics, then I would say we should avoid generalizing in psychology. As each person is unique and should be treated that way. This is my personal opinion, still there are many researchers there who depend on proving their theories with figures. In nutshell, psychology is a science dealing with non-physical aspect of mankind. So rules of physics are mostly invalid here. And it should be dealt differently.

Pastlife Regression therapies or LBL therapies are not something which has been created or designed by researchers or therapists The Hypnotherapists who worked on current life regression therapies for few years happened to come across these unintentionally. I am clinical Hypnotherapist and during initial years of my practice I had only learned hypnotherapies limited to regression of present life only. And for initial several years of my practice I was hardcore believer that Pastlife regression doesn't exist. But eventually I came across the clients who used to slide in to some other time and space having no direct connection with present lives but they felt those experiences very vividly. Few of them had been from such religious back grounds who deny the existence of past life! So there was no question that they were just creating stories. But though those memories had no direct relation with present lives but the emotional continuity and relevance was there. The incidents of those lives were creating impacts on present life of clients. And after those therapies clients felt significant transformations in their lives. And finally I had to acknowledge the existence of it and then I went for formal training of it ! So this therapy has chosen me , not me who have chosen it. And this should be the story of all the therapists who has been practising Hypnotherapy for more than decade. { Yes, now new age therapiests are directly going to regression therapy trainings. ) So, PLR and LBL therapies have chosen us , the therapiests and the clients. No genuine therapist would impose PLR on client , rather s/he will just regress client to the root cause of present issue of life, with complete open mind without any agenda. And the subconscious mind of client will take them to other lives if it is appropriate. It is complete effortless exercise. On the other hand I have come across plenty of such clients who came to me with strong conviction that the root cause of their issue lies in Pastlife and they just want past life therapy and they will be ok. But when they went in to trance they found the issue was with their childhood only and no need to visit PL. Taking you to previous life is actually not decided by therapist or client , but by the sub conscious mind of the client himself. So PLR and other spiritual therapies select us , we are not that enlightened souls to analyze and evaluate them. They just happen , on their own. Still if we want to explain the logic behind these therapies, we can say we are collection of lot of memories from this life and our previous lives and our ancestoral memories we carry through our DNA. And it is very much obvious that all these memories will have impact on our behaviour, personality and thought process. By tapping in to those specific memories we can change their impacts on present life. This can be the theoretical explanation. But no one actually knows what exactly happens. For you my advice would be just visit some open minded therapist (who doesn't impose PLR to everyone), with open mind and let the therapy take its own shape. Then it will surely help you.

There can't be absence of consciousness in a person. The reach of it can be the problem. It is like in a deep dark cave a person is standing with a candle the light of candle reaches to limited area. Same way the awareness of humans is also limited. So we do lot of things (majority of things ) unconsciously. Complesive behaviour can be one of them. The programs running in our mind with our our awareness are called subconscious programs. And we all just dance on the tune of these programing just like puppets. Increasing awareness by meditation or second option is with the help of hypnosis of a therapist guides your awareness to those programs and roots of those programs then such complesive behaviours can be modified.