There is a so slight possibility of creation of false memory under hypnosis. That's why it is better to visit experienced Hypnotherapist.

I don't know the boss is right word or not. But most of human actions are driven by Sub Conscious mind. All emotions are function of SCM, our reactions, our memories, creativity , imaginations all are functions of SCM. It is not that , the SCM is the supreme , there are much bigger bosses above SCM too.

Yes of course it has.

I think human has not created it consciously. There is a possibility that mankind must have come across tremendous power of subconscious and he could not define it and gave it the name of God. But yes, many Gods seem to be created to exploit the population with the fear of unknown and to have power in selected individuals' hands.

No. You are confusing hypnosis with Vashikaran. Vashikaran works on the people having weak will power. Vashikaran is about controlling someone's mind But hypnosis is not about controlling someone's mind. It is about reprogramming of mind, healing the mind, creating a Better version of mind ( provided you are approaching a qualified and experienced Hypnotherapist or hypnotis). Hypnotherapy or hypnosis uses some properties of mind to access the subconscious part of mind. To get the better results the subject or client must have fair amount of intelligent. The more the intellence better hypnosis will work. Other than intelligence ; focus, imaginative abilities, understanding of hypnosis, willingness, trust, comfort with therapist are the factors which makes hypnosis more effective. The people with less IQ or less imaginative abilities do not get proper benefits of hypnosis. So , hypnosis is not for weak minds. It is for sharp, intelligent, fearless minds.

It is incorrect to say, subconscious mind does work to achieve anything. The matter of fact is, we work as per the programs installed in our subconscious. If you look closely , what ever happens to us during our lives most of the things are invited by us , unknowingly ie un- consciously or sub consciously. This is something which is completely unknown to our conscious mind. And our egoistic conscious mind does all the possible tricks to keep you away from this phenomenon. First challenge is to accept that something is deep inside us who is making us dance on his tunes and we are most of the times act just like a puppet. Once this thing is accepted, it becomes much easier to reprogram your sub conscious mind. There are many techniques to reprogram ones SCM to live a desired life naturally. So that the wealth, success, happiness etc starts flowing to you effortlessly, as easily as the sorrows, angers , failures are flowing. Hypnotherapy is a tools of reprogramming subconscious. There are many others also but once you understand hypnosis properly, you will find all of them are using the same core funda of hypnosis with superficial alterations.

There is nothing like semi conscious. Theoretically the parts of human minds are described as conscious mind, subconscious mind, unconscious mind, collective unconscious, collective conscious , super unconscious and super conscious minds.

Yes it is very much possible. Our emotions, our reactions to the events, our beliefs, judgements , perceptios all the reflections of the programming of SCM. Now if you observe closely our judgements, beliefs , emotional reactions towards same event or person keeps changing. To make it simple to understand, an accident can create driving phobia in the driver, it means that incident has reprogrammed his subconscious mind. Ad agencies , marketing companies and image managers also re write our subconscious about brand or person to get desired behavior from the masses. There are certain ways to access the SCM you may refer my previous answers on this platform to know more about them.

Yes you can. But better is to seek professional help, because if you want to repair some machine it is wise to hire an expert than to do engineering course.

SCM ignores negative in the sense, it doesn't understand negation. For example if I ask you to close your eyes and say Don't think about Red rose, you will think about Red rose. So if you don't want to think about Red rose you have to tell your SCM to think about black rose or something else. So ‘Don't Lose' is not a right way to communicate with SCM but ‘Do Win’ is correct way. I m bad or I am weak..are affirmative sentences which leads to formation of limiting beliefs. There are other ways also through which limiting beliefs are formed. Primarily SCM understands the emotions, feelings etc more comfortably than verbal information. Language creates some emotional vibrations and those vibrations are stored in SCM along with that event of communication.