If we are a computer then mind is the operating system of it, it is the software part. But not only this , this software has ability to help the hardware part to transform itself to the higher version! We can say mind has the power of what a government has in a nation. Its subtle presence is there in all our actions, thoughts, emotions and imaginations. The reality which we experience is a translated reality , translated by the mind. Our errornous interpretation of reality can make our life totally unproductive and miserable, on the other hand right interpretation of our experiences can transform our lifes to unimaginable heights. Other than this mind plays a vital role in attracting certain kinds of events in our life, as they say in Law of Attraction. A healthy mind will surely fill your life with joy, peace and love in all the aspects of our lives. And if these joy, peace and love is lacking in someone's life then surely some healing work is needed to be done with his mind. Spiritually speaking, mind helps us in experiencing this unreal world in full HD reality so that we can get maximum opportunity to learn from our experiences - just like a top class simulator.

Texting is not a proper way of communicating. It completely fails to convey the right emotions. Texting creates lot of communication gap .it is possible that u guys might have had a long chat and that could be a reason of your emotional separation. So better go to your partner, let her/talk listen patiently and make out where the Gap is and then eliminate it with face to face discussion. Not only break up, take nothing legitimate received via texting as far as relationships are concerned.

Yes it is possible that past life memories come to surface in hypnotic trance.

It is already working. It is directing most of the things done by us. If you mean to program it to work as per your wish, then achieving it fully is very close to enlightenment. But yes using hypnosis and few other tools you can reprogram it up to certain level so that it can work in accordance of your goals.

Do we perform all the tasks of our day with full consciousness? If we closely observe ourself we do most of our tasks including emotional reactions, out bursts, mood swings , changes in physiology as per our state of mind .. we do it sub consciously or unconsciously. The system which regulate it is called mind. And mind has several parts like conscious mind, SCM ,UCM, collective conscious mind etc.. It is not in physical dimension so you can't locate it. But virtually it is present in each cell of us, just like a software.

Yes anyone having normal intelligence can be hypnotized. The more a person is intelligent more easily s/he can be hypnotized. Rather we can say that intelligent people keep hypnotizing themselves to reprogram their minds for desired results. People having IQ less than 70 are difficult to be hypnotized. There are several other qualities which makes a person better hypnotherapeutic subject, let's not go in to details of them. But the only thing which stops a 'normal' person to be hypnotized is FEAR. It can come in different forms but deep inside it is some kind of manifestation of fear only. Getting hypnotized for therapy is an ability, not a weakness

With whom you feel naturally comfortable, and instinctively start opening up yourself. That is the right therapist for you. Other things , check his education, experience in hard core therpy business, get some reviews but best is to visit and be with him for a while and your subconscious will decide on its own.

Hypnotherapy deals directly with mind. Mind is something which doesn't exist in physical realm ( understand here the difference between mind and Brain). Now if we apply the laws of physical realm to prove or understand hypnosis then surely it will fail. It is as wrong as trying to measure intensity of light in the units of liters. Here the Unit is wrong, one must use proper unit of quantity to be measured. So looking through the glass of the laws and units of physics and physical dimension, Hypnosis IS a pseudoscience.


Because they need healing. Their frequent returns on surface is just their request to you that you pay some attention for their healing. Once you heal them then they will not haunt you.