Long-term memories are stored in our sub conscious mind. Let's understand the format of how SCM stores memories. In the memory of any incident there are several components associated, like 1. The sensory information ie visual, auditory and other sensory forms. 2. Secondly emotions associated with that incident 3. Learning or judgment derived from that incident Now wherever any fresh information enters in our subconscious mind it triggers the previously stored boxes of same flavor. And they start coming on surface. That's why the song we used to sing during our school morning assembly makes us feel very good even at the age of 70, because that song triggers all that compliments associated with that menory.

First be her friend, make her feel comfortable with you. And trust me if you don't really care for her no matter how much you care mostly the girl will sense that you are not genuine so don't try to pretend. Now when you feel she is completely comfortable with you then before confession make her ensure that you are just sharing your feelings and you are open to listen No from her. You are no obsessed, her No will not make you go mad or suicidal ( and it actually should not- true love gives freedom and joy, not obsession and fear ). So before confessing ensure you are in love and not in obsession. If you r in obsession her No will make you go mad. Obsession is an illness it should be treated.

The cycle of memory consists of several stages viz. Attention, Analyze, Register, Recall and Express. For a perfect memory, all the stages should be carried out neatly. And technically speaking; For most of the cases due to the very nature of our conscious mind we miss the initial two stages of attention and analyse. With the help of meditation we can improve our focus which gives results in betterment of these stages which improves our recall power.

Well, it can be. But not always. Superficially , if we just keep thinking positive and it makes us complacent and we start taking challenges for granted then it surely will be very dangerous for you. But if possitive thinking gives to courage to hold on in difficult times it will be very helpful. And technically speaking; Thinking is a very tiny aspect of our mind, thoughts are temporary and fragile. In this creation and in our being they are highly over rated now a days. The more important things are emotions, feelings and attitude ( ie mental conditioning) in this context. Now a day's this belief is becoming very popular that what we think we attract. But if we look closely We attract thoughts as per the emotional environment of our mind. Once we are in bad mood we keep attracting ( so called ) negative thoughts. And what changes our mood? Most of the time, some external triggers. So fighting with the thoughts are actually of no use and it is endless exercise. So it is better to work on our mental conditioning which will result in better emotions, which will automatically attract better thoughts which will result in better feelings. What actually The law of manifestation says is, what we feel we menifest as we communicate with universe through feelings. So be more aware of feelings than to thoughts, working on feelings is in comparison more easy than to keep fighting endless battle with infinite stream of thoughts.

Because those who are judging are mostly males. And they r more interested in 'her other parts' than her brain. Because for most of the men , the most important part of them is not between two ears, but between two legs!

Can you control your mind? There can be different exercises to make our will power stronger. But force of emotions are much powerful for most of the normal humans. So between the fight of emotions and will power, emotions win in long run. We can find middle way-out by carefully associating our emotions with the tasks we wish to do or we wish ourselves not to do. For example if we associate emotion of fear with let's say our smoking habit and make the intensity of fear higher than the emotion of craving for smoke than it will work for us. So I find this option more practically achievable than controlling mind. But the best option is Healing. Mind is something which should be healed rather than been controlled. A healed mind will actually find no need to be controlled.

By taking up and fulfilling small challenges daily By Helping others without expectation of even a word of thanks…like helping your mother in house hold or Helping stranger met somewhere By being and spending time with loved ones There are few other there tools also which can help you being fresh Cold water shower, Laughter Dancing Listening to music Watching some positive movie Writing poem or short story or doing some creative work Pranayam Eating healthy food Reading positive books or watching such videos Sitting under tree, being with nature Self hypnosis Playing outdoor games

We actually keep doing it , even with ourselves at times. There was an experiment done in which a group of children were shown few cartoon characters of Disney. Then one by one they were asked to speak in the group which characters they saw. The first guy narrated few including Tom & Jerry. Turn by turn other guys also spoke the names most of them had Tom n Jerry. But infact Tom n Jerry is not Disney character and it was not shown to the group , but they created false memory after listening to 1st guy. If you have seen Drishyam movie it is also on the same subject. Many times we also keep telling ourselves untrue things and starts believing as if it is true. There are some methods which creates false memories, like repetition, intensive involvement with imagination or external suggestions.

The memory cycle involves below steps, Attention…sense…analyze,…register….recall and express If we are distracted, attention and since phases are not executed properly so it effects the entire memory cycle

No, no matter how deeply you are into hypnotic trance, you will always be aware what question is being asked and what answer your are giving to it. You will always have that control not to answer and give false answer to the therapist and he will not even mind it as it is your decision wheather to get healed or not. It is willful surrender for therapeutic motives. Where your mind is aware and awake but your body is at sleep. In this stage one have access to lot of suppressed memories. So don't worry hypnosis can't be used for interrogation or lie detection. It is a wonderful therapeutic modality which should be used by every human.