If it is Size wise ? Then mind doesn't exist in physical dimension so it can not be measured in 3 dimensional measuring units. So can't compare with the size of bull. If is strengthen wise….then it varies from mind to mind. They can range from a mind that goes irrationally fearful if he just sees a bull in front of him to such mind who can tame 100s of bulls using it's creativity.

How can I improve my memory to the point where I can remember everything by hearing it only once? For a normal Happy and peaceful life it is also not happy to lose the ability to forget the things, if a person remembers what ever he has heard then his life can be pretty disturbed. Having said that if you have some practical needs to memories verbal information then u can take sessions of memery training and with practice you can master the art of memorizing verbal info quite fast.

Dreaming is function if sub conscious mind When in sleep our conscious mind is at rest and our SCM is totally on job, dreams we see. Our SCM is nothing but infinite storage of memory. So naturally dreams must have lot to do with our past memories One more important thing is as during sleep there is no ‘disturbance' of conscious mind, dreams have great impact on our SCM. The day when human race will learn how to customize their dreams, it will be a great revolution not just emotionally, but in all the facets of life. Now there are 3 stages of dreams , 1. Processing dream : these occurs when we are sliding gently in to dream. At that time what ever is running in our mind gets carried forward in to processing dream. That's why the magic 30 min concept is so powerful. It says what ever we do in the last 30 mins of our day just before going to bed, it makes lot of changes in our SCM and life. 2. Precognitive dreams : this is deep stage of dreaming. Here something Divine must be happening, which is yet to be fully understood by us. But lot of miracles have taken place during this phase. The guidance the ideas received during these stage are beyond the limits of human capacities. 3. Venting dreams: these are normally the last cycle of dreams, when we are about to wake up. All our unfulfilled desires or suppressed emotions get vent out during this phase. ( Thats why unmarried youngsters must be having morning erection to ejection ) At the time of analyzing dreams it is important to know the timing of dream. So, Yes dreams has to do mainly with past experiences but yes there must be something Divine involvement also in it during pre cognitive stage, as per my opinion.

Mind and soul are totally different layers of our existence Soul is pure and mind creates delusions around it. For example, if your soul is the space, then your mind is the sky. When you see from Earth you think sky is the space, but actually space exists beyond sky, sky is a hurdle between you and space Same easy mind creates Maya which don't allow our soul realize supreme soul. Life is like a video game. A virtual environment is created by mind we need to transcend this environment to realize this was actually just a game. So more we cleanse our mind ( from our beliefs and judgements) , more our soul reaches to higher soul.

The structure of human mind is such that the upper most layer is conscious mind, beneath it there is something called critical filter. To decide weather the information received is right or wrong, safe or dangerous , morally correct or incorrect, fact or fiction , real or imagination; is the function of these two layers. Beneath critical filter there is ‘The’ Subconscious mind. It has no critical thinking facilities. It never verifies the information reached till it is right or wrong. It simply assumes whatever information has arrived must already be verified by upper layers. So it will simply accept it as a truth. There are some techniques using which the layers above SCM can be manipulated, which results in acceptance of any information as a reality by SCM.

Not totally. But we can influence the processing dreams up to certain level. Processing dreams are the dreams which occurs during the initial phase of sleep.

If your emotions are triggering you to smoke, then definitely by rewriting the sub conscious script you can influence the urge to smoke, as emotions are function of mind

Our bad and irrational behaviors are indication that some deep rooted pains are waiting to get healed. These unhealed pains are mostly at subconscious level. With the Hypnotherapy we can access those pains, go-to the root of them and heal them.

Tricks don't work for long term. For lone term one should opt for the therapy

A wonderful thing about human mind is it keeps making us experience all the variety of emotions. Thought we know every emotion is temporary and it has its own expiry date, but when we experience that emotion we feel as if it is the ultimate one and it will be there forever. When u must have started your relationship you must be experiencing one flavor of emotions you thought they are perpetual and you decided to make that relationship permanent or of fairly long term. And exact opposite of it should be happening with you presently. Though I don't have any details what exactly is going on with your relationship, I just gave you a generic observation which I have seen in most of the cases as a relationship counselor. Now what I can see in your question is either this relationship is not in a good state or your analysis is saying this relationship is not going to give you pleasant experiences in future Find out the reasons for that ,putting your temporary emotions aside. Any long term relationship should not be based on just emotions, as emotions are never for long term. So slight deviation in emotions can bring huge termoils in the structure of your relationship. So be rational & practical and give it a thought,if it is difficult for you, take help from some professional relationship expert,and sort this out considering all other factors along with emotions. I hope this would help u. Would love to listen to your feedback.