Our conscious mind is very weak part of our mind. It's attention span is very less , it needs to keep jumping from on thing to another. If we forcefully try to stick it on one point, it starts feeling dizzy. Meditation ie Dhyan is essentially exercise to develop the ability of our CM to focus on one thing for longer period of time. If an individual keeps practicing it initially due to the very nature of CM he faces that his mind starts wondering and when it is forced to stick to one point the practitioner feels sleepy. Many practitioners confuses sleep with mediation, which needs to be corrected by their teachers. Now keeping these properties of our CM under consideration, if an individual keeps increasing his attention span under supervision of teacher one day his conscious mind becomes so strong that he can remain aware 24 hours, even during sleep you are aware that I m sleeping and during dreams u know that this is dream. This is very high level of consciousness, which needs practice of many many lives.

At what level this disturbs you? If it is high then this should be addressed clinically. Online Generic answers would be counter productive. And if this is not impacting you deeply then just forgive then , now a days so much extreme contents are flooded on the people's minds that they also are Forced to think one-sided. Help then developing habit of respecting both the sides of a coin.

Some deep rooted fear is getting triggered, identify it and heal it. Get help of some therapist ( hypnotherapy works very fast in such issues, if your suggestibility is good) to learn methodically how to do this.

You must be trying to avoid facing some disturbing emotion of yours by using various distractions. When distractions don't work u end up getting stress, frustration and then depression. Take help of expert to identify the base disturbing emotion and then stress n depression will automatically get healed. Don't try more distractions to get away from depression, distractions lead to more grave consequences.

I am hypnotherapist, so I use it for therapeutic purposes. It can be used for many things. Like healing , reprogramming of SCM for better relationships, success, peace etc, or for changing habits, de addictions, treatment of psychosomatic issues, it can be used for higher existential and spiritual upliftment also. It can be used in hypno anaesthesia also. The possibilities are endless. Marketers, public speakers, advertisers, sales people , many expansion oriented religions or religious leaders also use the techniques of hypnosis to influence masses.

No, it is not against the nature but it is essentially the purpose of our existence in this realm. Proper explanation of this would need hours and hours of one to one discussion and practice, but briefly I can say we all are Gods suffering from amnesia, we are sleeping almighty. The environment of this entire creation can be considered as an arrangement which triggers us, leads us, guides us , pushes us and helps us to the awakening - at times harshly at times softly. But reading this is one thing, writing this is one thing and actually travelling through this journey is totally different thing and this journey is called life. The last station of this journey of consciousness is super conscious state that is total awareness ie complete awakening of sub conscious.

Yes the messages or sensory inputs which we don't notice consciously do influence our thoughts , emotions and decisions. But I m not sure about the effectiveness of the messages beyond the capacity of your sensory organs like audio of non audible frequencies etc.

There is also a spiritual aspect to it. We all living creatures are on a journey of consciousness on this Earth. Different creatures are at different station of this journey. Few living things are very far from humans in this architecture of consciousness. Like plants have much different sort of consciousness than us so they feel emotions way differently than humans, but animals are closer to us so their feeling and emotions are very similar to those of humans. If we say this differently then we can represent this as…we all know our physical body is evolved from monkeys and apes , same way the immediate neighbor of our subtle body is cow. We can say our soul has evolved through cow. Now when we eat a life to stay alive we integrate it's consciousness in ours. If we eat our immediate neighbours their consciousness will impact ours much deeply, so their emotions , feelings will impact ours which can be a big hurdle in our spiritual progress. So it is better to eat those lives who are much distant neighbours of us. So plant based food is best available option for most of the spiritual practices. Best way is not to eat any life and lean to convert energy of air and sunlight. After certain level of yogic advancement, rishis achieve this stage , which greatly accelerate their journey to the ultimate.

कर्मणयेवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेशु कदाचन There is no mention of ichchha in this. The real meaning is you have control over your karma. That means you have authority by the virtue of your will, weather to perform any karma or not. But once you perform the karma, you got to face the results of it. Means no control over the result of the karma you must face it you have no escape to the fruit of the karma. So no adhukar no control over the result.

सम्मोहन ( चिकित्सा for therapy)