Yes of course it is. If you understand hypnosis and human mind properly, u will realize that we humans are most of the times hypnotized. There are numerous factors and forces who keep up hypnotized. And technically the job of a hypnotherapist is to De-Hypnotise you using the weapon of hypnosis! So there is no question of its existence and effectiveness.

I hope you are not mixing hypnosis with Vashikaran. Hypnosis can't be done without the consent of subject. if subject is open and capable of any kind of induction method, he can be hypnotized which ever way. And regarding Vashikaran, I am not right person to comment.

Memory is the impression of some experience stored in our mind. What is bad memory? Either an experience associated with a discomforting emotion , or experience which has some uncomfortable learning derived from it. So if we can alter any of these two ( ie associated emotion or learning) from the impression of the incident stored in our minds, we can get rid of that bad memory. There can be many ways of doing this, hypnotherapy is one of them and it is very very effective and fast.

Finding what needs to be reprogramed is a challenging task. Normally we need to change some of our behavior. But there is always some emotions behind that behavior which triggers it. Finding that emotion correctly might need professional support. Now after finding the emotion one needs to go to the root of that emotion. It can be a memory of early age or might be past life or something else. We can refer them as unresolved issue. After reaching there one needs to heal it and then reprogramming of scm is done. This involves active support of trained, experienced and intelligent therapist. Using any random auto suggestions or affirmations can give short term feel-good effect , or they can create adverse effect also. Attending training programs can be a second best option of individual therapy, as in a group generic tools and issues are addressed. But specific is always terrific.

Though it is next to impossible achieving this completely. As far as memorizing of information is concerned, there are plenty of memory tools and techniques available easily. One can learn and master them to memorise almost anything. Now the difficult task is to forget the things ! Our subconscious mind is our permanent memory storage. It is not possible to control the information penetrating in our subconscious ( unless person has achieved certain spiritual milestones). And once the info has entered in SCM it become part of our permanent memory. Yes recalling of information is something on which we can work upto limited extent to achieve what you have asked in this question, by taking care of how our SCM registers it. The information which carry extreme emotions are more likely to get triggered very often, using simple techniques of self hypnosis we can reframe our memory to alter emotional charge associated with memory of incident. Secondly, memories comes on surface following the law of association and repetition. We recall those things easily which have close association with the information which we already know, also we memorize that info easily which we use repeatedly. So by avoiding over thinking we can limit repetition and associatios to some extent. ( Trying to avoid will also drag you to that memory so one should not try to avoid but to think about something else.)

30 min of period just prior to sleep is called magic 30 mins. What a person thinks during this period gets extended in to his processing dreams. So if you worry or do anxious thinking before falling asleep, it gets in to your dreams. Our dreams have very high hypnotic effects on our sub conscious, as during sleep there is no constraints of conscious mind. So what ever happens in dreams are in a way super reality for us and it directly programs our SCM. So it is wise to think about our planning to reach to out goals, or plan next day or think about something positive during magic 30 mins. Doing meditation or full body relaxation is also a good practice. You may also learn mental bank program it has few more features other than just using magic 30 mins for reprogramming SCM for success.

If you have already forgiven fully what is the need to forget it. If you still want to forget that simply means you have not forgiven fully. When you have already forgiven someone,you be thankful to that person for the experience that person has given you. Thankfulness transforms your perception of that experience completely. So, real forgiveness will never look for forgetting.

Yes of course, the main motive of the ads is to reach to the viewers sub conscious mind to influence their purchase decisions. They need to either break or by pass the layers of conscious mind and critical filter to achieve this. They use techniques like repetition ( by showing something not so convincing again and again until your CM gets tired rejecting it and allow it to enter in to SCM - similar to the old saying a lie told thousand times becomes truth) , dominance ( by engaging influential people in ads, using hi fi certification and recommendations etc) , installing an emotional trigger in the script of ad which gets triggered in specific event, putting memory hooks like jingles, color scheme , one liners etc. And there are several other techniques they got to apply to program the buyers SCM for purchasing their products or services.

We all are just puppets in the hands of our SCM. Our most of the decisions and actions are driven by our SCM. Our entire belief system and emotions are results of our SC programs. How we will interpret our life events and how we will react to them Is majorly driven by our subconscious. If we go even deeper then we will see there is extensive research is being carried out by researchers like Dr Lipton or Graig bradon and many others which very convincingly and logically explain how the SCM programming influence the physical reality around us and our physical health. So it is not just about our reactions and perceptions about our surrounding experiences but it also works on the level of quantum physics to influence our realities.

No, it is just a storage space of memories. Memories of incidences ( or experiences) are stored along with the emotions associated with them and the learnings the individual had derived during the creation of the memory.