Frankly speaking , People hate eachother or say can't love eachother because they are hypnotized . Once a person is completely dehypnotized he gets totally filled with love, acceptance and compassion.

As long as there is demand in society , supply will be there ; if not legally, then it will be illigally. Media is selling sensations and panics because there is a huge demand of them. Rather the the huge demand of sensation forces them to sell this. It is a socio psychological issue and should be handled that way, stopping media will not work.


You know this consciously that what ever your parents did to you was not Intentional and you should forgive them and move on. But your subconscious mind doesn't understand this. Which gets reflected on your behaviour and reactions. Contact some good hypnotherapist he will help you reprogramming your subconscious mind. Go for hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy has few powerful modalities like Inner child therapy and forgiveness which would probably solve your problem in few sessions.

No one can hypnotize you without your will and consent. Just keep disconnected from hypnotist, dont follow or resist his instruction. Dont support him or oppose him, just neglect all suggestions, keep your conscious mind engaged. Dont fix your eyes on any one spot. And u r done.!

Brain goes in to relaxed to ultra relaxed state. From beta frequencies to alpha or theta or delta wave freq. Thoughts are reduced drastically.