Applying critical , protective or defensive thinking is the job of our conscious mind. Its responsibility is to protect us from false or manipulative inputs. Movie is a huge chunk of information to be processed by our conscious mind. And as we watch movies for the purpose of entertainment our conscious mind doesn't take pain in analyzing and scrutinizing all the junk dumped on to us by the movie. That's why movies are one of the best medium to reprogram minds of masses. I have heard , during black and white time many young people turned towards drinking liquor after watching old Devdas movie. During 70s youth were feeling heroic being angry with pity reasons thanks to angry young man movies. Many couples ran from their homes to marry after watching Qayamat se Qayamat and the trend was changed abruptly after DDLJ. The list can be infinite

Let me share a story with you. One guy was driving a car through a forest. And suddenly his car wheels got stuck in muddy puddle. He kept on pushing acceleration pedal to move the car out of the puddle. But unfortunately car didnt move even an inch. Now tell me one thing, would it be a wise option to keep pushing the acceleration even though the wheels are just spinning in the mud ? Obviously , NO. As a good driver what he will do is to stop the engine, other wise engine might burn out. Same thing happens with humans. When you are stuck in some disturbing emotion which you tried to overcome using all your wisdom but still you are stuck in the same unhappy emotion, one day your inner wisdom will tell you leave it , this is not working out. This is called depression. Your engine halts. Depression itself is not evil , rather it is just and indication that you have mishandled some discomforting emotion. Visit a good therapist he will help you addressing the original discomforting emotion and depression will automatically be vanished. Target the root ,don't hit the messenger. Depression is just a message. Acknowledge it, and do something to decode the hidden message behind it. And never ever believe that there is no one for you in this world. Just give right people a chance to help you. Infinite help is just waiting outside you window, just open the window and it will flow inside effortlessly. Don't do wrestling with darkness, it will lead you no where, just give a chance to a lamp. Darkness will automatically disappear. Trust us it is much much easier that you believe.

Would advice you rather than going for group seminars, you should go for one to one therapy. In my therapeutic career I have seen many similar cases being cured by Hypnotherapy just in few sessions. You should try it. Not going deep in to this as this is very personal issue. Feel free to get in touch for further clarification.

Of course it is on our side. If mind is not there we will not experience any emotion. Then what would be the purpose of our life ? We come on this planet ( to be specific on this dimension ) to experience and master emotions. And we develope our wisdom by mastering emotions. Mind makes all this possible. It makes your experience real. It plays a vital role in learning process. This is a tiny part of a very big game, that is our journey of consciousness in various dimensions. Keep experiencing , keep learning, and mind will keep giving you discomforts until you learn it right at the end of the day, everything is JUST FOR YOU, nothing is against you.

Trance is a transient state. State between sleep and awake. This is not normal stable state. Everyday we sleep or we wake up , in both the processes we daily pass through trance. But as this is a transient state we don't pause there and we failed to notice it. Job of Hypnotherapist is to pause you in that transient state. It needs constant efforts to hold you in that stage. If therapist is not there you will either fall asleep or wake up, you can't stay in that state effortlessly. As if you throw a ball from 3rd floor to ground floor it can't stop at 1st floor without external intervention. So if therapist can't hold you in trance you will fall asleep and then wake up as you daily wake up. There is no possibility to get stuck in trance.

We store everything but we can't retrieve it when needed. It is like a huge library having lot of books but not placed in any order, just random piles and piles of books. Naturally it will be difficult to find a book in that mess. By memory training we can create catalogs for useful info which will help us to find and retrieve the important info when needed. You may go through my previous answers on this subject to understand more, you can read some books on memory training and practice the tools they will help you.

Getting hypnotised and going in to trance both are different things. Let's understand them one by one. Trance : it is a transient state which occurs between awakening state and sleep. We all go through this , at the time of falling asleep and at the time of waking up from sleep. Anyone who can fall asleep can go in to this state. Hypnotised : This is a state when you are highly suggestible. When you are open to receive any suggestion or command given, in a way you are hypnotized. During watching movie we start believing everything which is shown there, if it is horror movie though our conscious mind knows it is fake still we get scared and many times that fear keeps haunting us for weeks. If the movie is emotional we start crying and all ! This happens because we open our minds for suggestions. Literature, ads, marketing , politics, religious keeps hypnotizing us many times during the day. So don't confuse yourself with trance and hypnosis. It is just a myth spreaded by Hollywood movies and stage magicians masquerading as Hypnotherapist and spreading fear about this great science. Hypnotherapists use trance at times for some specific reasons, but hypnotherapy can be done in wide awakened state and open eyes too. I hope the answer has addressed your query in right spirit. Would appreciate your feedback on it. Regards,

Being transgender is definitely not a disease how can it be ? How can being different than general population be a disease ? Specially when it is not a source of any discomfort to anyone. But yes, ‘transgender-ism’ is surely a disease. Infact anything which converts itself in to '-ism' eventually gets transformed into disease. Because where -ism starts, belief system takes over and when belief system takes over, curiosity and acceptance is suppressed , belief narrows down the perspectives. It creates unacceptance towards the opposite belief system. For example Sex is definitely not a disease but being sexist is surely a disease. 2nd point , “psychology is not a hard science but just an opinion.” Any subject can be science , if it is dealt scientifically. If even physics is not dealt scientifically, it also does not remain a science. Science is a way of dealing with the subject with curiosity and openness towards being proved wrong. Psychology deals with the non physical aspect of existence, so naturally laws of physics would not be applicable there , I would say applying laws of physics ( ie hard science ) to a subject which deals with non physical would be a non scientific approach.

Falling in love is always an illusion. Rising is love is a real thing. Therapists is a person with whom you can be most comfortable he knows all your dark sides and still accepts you without any judgements. A person loves - this feeling of being his trueself,not the therapist. And it is the role of a smart therapist to make his client understand this, if he fails to do this he becomes vulnerable to lot of emotional chaos.

First of all how you diagnosed you have depression ? What treatment u had for that ? How often short term memory loss occurs ? How can one answer such a individualistic query without knowing background ?