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SwaSakhee - daily Live & Online Spiritual Healing & Meditation program.


'स्व-सखी' Swa-Sakhee is a daily Live & Online Spiritual Healing & Meditation program, by Swa-Darshana Therapies.
This program is specially designed for females to help them with psycho-spiritual tools like emotional detox, energy cleansing , chakra balancing, self hypnosis , meditation etc.

This program will help them get rid of their routine stress, anxiety , over thinking and will bring peace of mind and abundance in their lives.

Timing: Monday to Friday 3pm to 4pm

Fees: monthly Rs.1500/-

To join or to know more, WhatsApp 8866413891
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You may listen to the few video testimonials from the attendees of Swa-Sakhee on below link :