Conscious Parenting

Conscious Parenting

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Conscious Parenting

One can be a conscious parent only if one is a conscious being. 

How can one be a Conscious Being?

In a summary, being conscious is about being in the present moment and aware of what information you are receiving and providing. This information is verbal, visual as well as emotional and mental. Because how we receive the information thru the verbal and visual modes affect our emotional as well as mental state. And we respond in a verbal and visual mode THROUGH the emotional and mental state.

Conscious Parenting is being aware about what information we are giving our kids in all the four forms. The idea is not how it is received, because we have no control over how anything is received by another being, it is their choice.

The idea is, asking is this how you want to show us as their parent, carer, guardian and mentor.

When you wake up do you, wish them a good morning with warmth and love or let them settle in the day by themselves while you are busy with your schedule. Both the forms are teaching kids a lot about what to expect from life and relationships, the idea of self, family and society. Again the point here is about how you would like to show up in the life of your kids. Not what or how they are evolving. 

A conscious parent is one, aware of how they would like to show up in the life of their kids and two, put efforts in being just that, every moment. There is no set definition of good parent or bad parent. It's how you would like to nurture the little soul to experience their time alive.

Most of us want to be the loving and supportive parent to our kids. But how often do we put conscious efforts for that? Wake-up, returning home(from work, play or other visits or outings), lunch, dinner and sleep, these times are high on bonding with kids. These moments specifically create a deep rooted impact on them.

I've seen a lot of house-holds, a lot of families miss out on these crucial moments of bonding, because either they are occupied or tired. And that is where they start creating a gap in how they intend to show up and how they actually show up in the life of their kids.

One can start conscious parenting with these crucial moments. One does not need to spare a lot of time to become a parent. It's not about the quantity, but the quality. In these few crucial moments one can be more aware and conscious of the being in the present moment. A pat or rub on the back or head, a peck on the cheeks, a tight hug, a whisper of love and affection, an expression of how you value them goes a long way in building a strong bond and raising emotionally and meantally healthy kids. 

How do you want to show up as a parent in the life of your kids?

Please do share with us.