Positive thinking, does it work?

Positive thinking, does it work?

ORGANIC  Author:Team Swadarshana

I often hear people talk about positive thinking. And a majority of people get motivated and try to think positive. But then come back to the same question. How to think positive?


Yes, you heard it right. We do not need to think positively. Because we already are positive beings. We are a part of the divine so we actually can not be negative thinkers.

The truth is that we have, in our growing-up years, learnt to think negatively. More often than not, the reason is due to some fear. A fear that makes us feel helpless without a certain possibility.

So you don't technically have to push yourself to think positively. You just have to let go of the fear, the need and the dependency to the possibility.

So the obvious question I am asked is, “but my life depends on that job”, “but i can't imagine living without him”, “but what if this happens or that” so on and so forth. 

And I usually respond with the curiosity of a 5yr old, “why do you think your life depends on that person or something happening or not happening?”

And so I ask you, the same question. And the ones willing enough to look for the real answer within them will be able to identify the fear/dependency/need and let go of it. I know it feels easier said than done. But trust me when I say, it's easier than you can think.

The only question is, are you willing to face yourself?