Be careful , you are hypnotizing your kids !

Be careful , you are hypnotizing your kids !

ORGANIC  Author:Manish Khernar


May 31, 2017

Be Careful: Your Kids have natural tendency to get hypnotised by you

Ohh ! Sounds Interesting…

“My Kids are ‘naturally susceptible’ to get hypnotised by me !…but  how does it make any difference, I am not going to hypnotise them, why should I ‘Be Careful ??’  I am not going to hang a hypnotic pendulum before their eyes and give them hypnotic suggestions in anyways. Rather, I wish this was true, in fact, I feel that they actually never do what I ask them instead do the exact opposite of it” this is a classic example of argument by parents,   during  their Kids’ Swa-Darshana Analysis counselling session.

Yes, most of the people will agree with this argument simply because…neither we understand hypnotism nor we understand our kids.

 And this is very deadly combination, especially for the future of the kid.

So if you have slightest of agreement with this parent’s argument and if you have a small kid, I would urge you not to miss this article and try to understand every bit of it and if you still have any doubt feel free to contact me.

So, let’s start understanding this

Be Careful: Your Kids have natural tendency to get hypnotised by you”

First of all we need to understand hypnotism for this.

 Hypnotism is a very broad subject and I will try to put it in simplest form possible for your easy understanding.

You must have heard that our Mind is divided into conscious, sub-conscious and un-conscious levels. Our conscious mind is mainly involved in reasoning. It accepts or rejects ideas, on the basis of his reasoning abilities. It decides what is good and what is bad. Our conscious mind’s capabilities are very limited, and that is the reason we find it very difficult to remain alert even for very short duration. Why, if someone tells you his mobile number and you don’t have pen to write it down, you might keep on repeating that number and will rush to find paper pen to write it down before your ‘alert’ mind start mixing and missing few numbers out of them ? It is  due to the limited abilities of our conscious mind.  It is believed that conscious mind is hardly 5% of our entire mind but I personally think that an untrained conscious mind is not even 1% !

Now let’s come to the super heroic part of our mind i.e. subconscious mind. It has virtually infinite capacity to learn. It is ideally all the time ready to learn whatever served to it.

 And this makes the person highly vulnerable, isn’t it very dangerous if you keep on accepting each and everything told to you ? Here comes the role of conscious mind to protect sub-conscious mind from wrong or unacceptable inputs.

And the job of hypnotist is to give you suggestions in such a way that your conscious mind cant filter them out and they directly reach to your powerful subconscious mind , stays there and become part of your belief system.

So as long as your conscious mind is well informed and well equipped with adequate information it keeps on filtering out the unwanted ( unwanted by his perspective, not necessarily it should be right only !) inputs.

Now as the kids’ conscious minds are obviously not have enough pre-loaded information so they are hardly able to differentiate between right and wrong.

From their perspective, what my father or mother ( or teacher etc..) is doing or saying must be right your kids conscious mind directly allows all the (verbal / visual /behavioural  ) suggestions given by you to his/her subconscious mind. And once that information is entered in to your kids subconscious mind it stays there on permanent basis.

Let’s consider an imaginary situation to understand this. Let’s say you , your friend and your 4-5 year old kid are going for a walk. Your friend is your old college friend came after long time to see you, so you are very happy.  Post dinner you decided to go for a walk so you both can rewind all your collage days experiences and enjoy. But when you were leaving your kid insisted to join you and you allowed him to join. Your friend purchased a good flavour of ice-cream for your kid to keep him busy. And you both started talking about your old college days. And accidently you guys started talking about the joy of smoking and drinking. Even though it is indirect reference like, “Yaar, vo kaka ke dhabe pe subahe subahe cigarette pine me kya maja aata tha!” your kid who you think is busy with ice-cream catches this un-consciously and this information gets registered in his sub-conscious that smoking is a very nice experience. Though he will not start smoking from next day but probably when he enters college this permanent entry in his subconscious mind will come on surface and turn him in to a smoker.

Now the funny part comes, one entry is registered in his sub-conscious about smoking, that it is a nice experience. Now as normally happens your kid is getting regular dose of instruction that smoking is bad. And his conscious mind also accepts it and allows this information to enter into his subconscious mind. But his subconscious mind already has an old entry  on this subject and which is deeply rooted. So his subconscious either discards or puts that info at some other location but not as permanent entry, may be like any discrepant entry!

And this phenomenon makes this process dangerous.

When you think your kid is behaving exactly opposite of what you have instructed then mostly  he or she already has a discrepant entry there in his subconscious mind from somewhere, and most of the times from parents/family or teachers.

 And as a hypnotherapist I personally believe that hypnotising someone is not that big task, what ( and how ) suggestions are given to sub-conscious mind is much more important and there comes the role of a therapist. As a parent our society doesn’t believe in giving training of parenting, we need at least few hours of driving experience before becoming a licenced driver, we need to pass certain examinations too for that, but we are yet not bothered to develop any system which gives opportunity to wanna be parents to get properly trained for the different aspects of child up bringing !

Let’s hope we as an individual parent, as a society realise this and act wisely on this.

With Love for all the Swa-Darshaks !