ORGANIC  Author:Manish Khernar

October 12, 2017

I  was sitting in a closed dark small room ,

it was so dark that I was not even able to see the walls of that room ,

I don’t know how much I had to travel to get a glimpse of this place.

 I felt as if it was hundreds of feet under the ground .

But still the delightful aroma and freshness in the air makes me feel so comfortable as if this is the most comfortable place I have ever set foot on .

I was listening to the rhythmic music of my breath & was feeling like my life was dancing with the beats of flowing blood through out of my veins .

Each part of my body was such relaxed as if they have learnt to overcome all my disturbing emotions and stressful thoughts. Simply as if they have established their individual existence.

I could feel my energies radiating through my body like the birds are flying out from a huge tree in all the directions endlessly and continuously . And I m just watching it standing under that huge tree . 


All my thoughts took form of bubbles, they were floating here & there but no one was paying attention to them . They were originating , they were floating & then were bursting , probably they must be thinking , where is that little boy today who used to run behind us all day !


All my emotions and feelings were settled down like fog settles on hill roads in delightful winter morning. And I was walking through that fog enjoying the company of the best person I ever met i. e. : myself .


I could never forget his relaxing touch. Now I feel him always around me . He is my own self , waiting for me , since years !

Now I trust him , Now I love him , that one meeting changed my entire understanding about Life !


This was my first appointment with my …..      ‘ SELF ’ !


How was Yours ?

With Love for all the Swa-Darshaks !