About Swadarshana

The human brain is more complex than any other known structure in the universe. And tapping into the immense potential of the conscious and subconscious mind to seek answers, find root causes and create life-long permanent solutions to stress, disorders, phobias, anxieties and challenges is what we are all about.

Welcome to SwaDarshana, a state-of-the-art healing & experience centre that balances the most scientific approach with age-old spiritual values to transform your life in more ways than you could imagine.

SwaDarshana, the name combines ‘Swa’ (meaning, the self) and ‘Darshana’ (meaning, an auspicious glimpse).

We help you connect with your own inner self, your subconscious (or unconscious) mind at the deepest level to transform your outlook, recharge your energies and deep-dive into the exact root cause behind your challenges. We use the power of Hypnotherapy to help deal with anxiety, depression, fear, phobia, stress, channelizing emotions, inner healing, goal setting, identifying life-purpose and deal with the traumatic state of physical or mental conditions.

Besides Hypnotherapy, SwaDarshana is equipped with one of its kind Consecrated Meditative space that allows an individual to reach a heightened state of meditation and peace.

We also have an advanced Sound Healing centre, offering a uniquely relaxing ‘darkroom therapy’ that helps an individual experience the pinnacle of inner-peace and relaxation.

We also conduct special group sessions on ‘Full Moon’ days which is a one of its kind experience in itself when it comes to feeling and healing through nature’s very own energies.

Our other modalities and healing techniques help you connect deeply with cosmic vibrations and manifest miracles by way of Aura check, Chakra Reading and Tarot Card reading, Reiki,Silva, Access Bars, Candle Healing, Twin Heart Meditations etc.

Hypnosis helps you attain the supreme state of consciousness and magically unfolds pages and chapters of your life hidden deep within your subconscious mind.

It helps manifest positive thoughts, actions and vibrations by connecting with your inner-most self and holistically transforms your life in more ways than you can imagine.

What’s more, this alternate technique is absolutely safe, does not involve medicines and is does not usually involve prolonged consultations.

This is so because we at SwaDarshana believe in identifying and eliminating root causes rather than addressing symptoms, making the results last a lifetime.

Manish Khernar

Professional Celebrity Life Coach & Hypnotherapist, (C.Ht.), MD(AM), B.E.(EC)

Manish Khernar is the only full-time professional Hypnotherapist in India. A versatile, multi-talented person, Manish Khernar is also a keynote public speaker, an anchor, a theatre artist who enjoys scripting and direction. He has been serving clients across the globe and has successfully helped innumerable people get over obstacles, phobias and related challenges. He continues to develop and improvise his specialized Hypnotic systems by continuously upgrading the latest global healing techniques. Manish Khernar has been trained by globally renowned institutes of Hypnotherapy and thereby, he blends various modalities of Clinical Hypnotherapy techniques like Past Life Regression, Inner Child Therapy, Spirituality, Sound Healing, Quantum Healing etc. to deliver powerful interventions resulting in restoration & optimization of overall well being across physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellness. Manish Khernar believes in holistic healing and hence he does not restrict his healing experience under any one particular intervention and understands the overall requirement of every client from a long- term perspective before suggesting customized healing solutions.

  • Certified Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist from EKAA [School of Hypnotherapy]
  • Doctor of Alt Medicines from the Indian Board of Alt Medicines
  • Pre & Post Surgery Hypnotherapy from American Hypnosis Association, California
  • Spirit Releasement Therapy from 5Path Hypnosis, Texas
  • Certified Sound Healer, Kathmandu Centre of Healing, Nepal
  • Dixit Sadhak of Hypnosis from the Institute of Late Sr Dr ND Shreemali
  • Professional Member of International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy, Pennsylvania
  • Stage Hypnosis and Mentalism Workshop, Michael C. Anthony
  • A former member of the International Hypnotherapy Association and American Hypnosis Association
  • Member of Lions Club of Karnavati - Ahmedabad
  • Member of Rotary Club , Airport – Ahmedabad
  • President, BNI colossus, Oct 21 to March 22
  • Green Member of BNI ( Business Network International ), Colossus – Ahmedabad West
  • Bachelor of Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate
  • ‘C’ Certificate Holder of NCC Airwing
  • Presented State in the Sports of Aeromodelling in Republic Day Parade (RDC) and National Vayu Sainik
  • Indian Air force Attachment Camp Attendee
  • Certified & Trained artist of Theatre from Natarani ( Darpana Academy Ahmedabad)