Hypnotherapy can surely help to bring a person out from his/her past traumas. From your question it seems like you want to Delete some part of you memory. You might have seen in you-tube videos or hypnotic stage shows that the hypnotist make a person forget his name or address. That demonstration is just for the sake of temporary entertainment. It has no therapeutic value. Your memory system works like a chain, if you delete few links of a chain entire chain might collapse. So looking forward to delete some part of your memory is not a wise decision. Therapeutically speaking, if you look closely it is not the information of past which is haunting you, it is the emotional charge associated with that past is the root of a person's agony. With hypnotherapy we target that emotional charge and alter that. What ever experience life gives us we are supposed to draw some wise learning from it. If you closely understand the life you will see that only those part of ones past disturb him which has errornous learnings associated with it. Here Erroneous learnings means the learnings drawn out of negative emotions fear / anger / expectations etc. Life considers those learning correct which are drawn out of positive emotions like love / peace / acceptance / compassion etc. With hypnotherapy we can make client relive and relearn the incidences. Which results in overwhelming therapeutic impact in ones life. And the magic of life is unless and until you draw that 'wise' learning, life keeps you putting in to same pain again and again so oven if you somehow manage to 'delet' some so called bad experience of life, soon u will be served same painful experience again


I am Hypnotherapist, I can surely hypnotize you for the therapeutic purposes, with your consent. And as a matter of fact any trained and certified hypnotherapist can help u getting hypnotized, find one near to you

Yes, one psychologist ( I assume he is trained hypnotherapist too) can hypnotize the other one. Any Human being can be hypnotized, provided he should be having fair amount of intelligence, focus and imaginative capabilities. For the purpose of therapy , one needs to have willingness to get healed. Second question is too large to answer here. Let us come to the third question, hypnotism and intoxication. Hypnotic trance is a highly suggestible state, while intoxication is ‘out of senses' state. During hypnotic trance a person is fully aware and also able to retain the memory most of the times, unless suggested to forget. While under intoxication individual tends to lose his control , memory and senses.

Yes, if the person goes to a proper therapist, he surely will get wiser. Every mental pain is a hidden wisdom and every wisdom is a hidden pain. If the hypnotherapist is not just working with the layers of your mind but also with your layers of energy and intellect then he can surely transform your emotional pains in to wisdom. And with proper follow up sessions and exercises the wisdom gets solidified. Infact most of the times the person who goes through this journey of transformation, gets filled with thankfulness towards even the pain for which he or she had to visit the therapist, as s/he gets that wisdom too that the pain was just a cosmic trigger for this deeper transformation. One should choose proper therapist and be with him totally during this journey of transformation to get best results.

Getting hypnotized means opening the doors of our conscious mind and critical filters for incoming information so that it can directly access our subconscious mind to get or put the information. In simple language, listening and accepting the suggestions without judging or being critical towards them. And the other way round also, ie sharing the thing which comes from your SCM to the therapist without reframing them or altering them out of deep fear of being judged. Now why and when it is used.. 1. Marketing, ad agencies, politicians, public speakers, movies etc use the techniques of crossing the CM and CF to access SCM for different purposes and they keep hypnotizing us every now and then during the day, and it happens so naturally that we don't even notice it and our decisions, thought process and emotions get impacted out of this. 2. For the purpose of entertainment. -Stage hypnotists does that , you can find lot of such videos on internet. 3. For Therapeutic purposes. - There are thousands of psychological, emotional, psychosomatic, existential and spiritual issues which can be healed with hypnotherapy by accessing someone's SCM. ( Understand the difference between hypnotist and hypnotherapist) Normally people mix up trance and hypnosis and think that both are same but a hypnotized person is not necessarly should be in trance. Hypnotherapists use trance as a tool to get better and clearer accessibility of SCM with some added advantages.

I think by tantra you mean Vashikaran. Vashikaran comes from the word Vash, means to control. Vashikaran controls someone's mind against his or her will, using tantrik tools and techniques. While hypnosis ( I am taking hypnosis here as used in hypnotherapy) is like empowering your sub conscious mind so that it can heal itself. So both are diagonally opposite.

U mean, Self hypnosis right? Self hypnosis is very effective and must be known and mastered by each individual who wants to go extra mile in life. Technically, everyone on this planet keeps telling his own self a hypnotic story, and the quality of that person's life depends upon the quality of that story. So most of the time we are self hypnotized. By understanding and mastering it one can use it in correct direction.

The effectiveness depends up on the person getting hypnotized. I find there are 4 factors impacting the effectiveness. 1. Intelligence: the more the subject is intelligent, more easily and effectively hypnotherapy works on him. 2. Focus: higher the focus, better the results. 3. Imagination: hypnotherapy is technically all about intensified imaginative involvement, so imaginative skills are must. And hypnotherapy can be done without inducing trance , but therapists use it because during trance the imaginative capabilities of an individual is very high. 4. Trust/Faith/readiness: should choose therapists whom you can trust, or it will not work. While undergoing therapy, let the things happen; resistance or self denial might nullify the effects ( resistance and denials are also kind of self hypnosis most of the times.) An individual good at these 4 aspects can go to infinite levels of achievement through hypnosis.

Yes, it can surely help.