Manish Khernar believes that stress itself is not a pure discomforting emotion, it is just a signal from your mind that you are not handling some or few of your emotions correctly. So, don’t waste time in managing stress, but rather find out which emotions are being mis-treated, heal them and stress will automatically vanish.

Stress is basically nothing but excessive worrying that leads to anxiety and negative thoughts. We have all come across people who worry too much, and also seen those who maintain a cheerful (or balanced) disposition during similar situations. Ever wondered what separates the two groups? It is our in-built programing of our subconscious mind that actually makes us react to a situation in a particular manner.

So stop blaming yourself. Your subconscious mind is programed in a certain way and that is a cumulative product of your past experiences, upbringing, environmental conditions and the way you have lived your life. Simply put, we are nothing but a sum of all our experiences and circumstances till date: which is the way we all live think or behave differently.

Our ‘Stress Management’ program is based on this fundamental understanding, and it helps you connect with your deep inner self, connect with your inner-most emotions, anxieties or insecurities (if any), and help take necessary corrective and positive steps into reconciliation that will have a permanent and transformational result in your outlook, attitude, and the way you manage stressful situations in future.

Take a leap of faith, and connect with us. We can guarantee you, it will be worth your visit.