Music is a fundamental part of our evolution and was never invented.

Human evolution has been vastly influenced by music and that’s the reason cultures and societies across the world have music as an integral part of their lives, be it during celebrations or as an artistic expression. Our body is made up of more than 70% of water. Sounds of different frequencies generate different waves and vibrations in water. If correctly used, these vibrations can induce lot of healing and relaxing effect on each and every cell of our body. In ancient Greek Culture, Sound Healing was used greatly by Aesculapius, Plato and Aristotle. They knew that music affected the soul and the emotions as well. Hippocrates played music for his patients too. In Ancient Egyptian healing temples music was a critical healing tool. In biblical times instruments were used to chase away evil spirits from human souls. Native American culture uses song and dance to heal the sick.

In 1940s, United States military incorporated music into their programs for the healing of army personnel during World War II. Nowadays people are getting more attracted towards this age old tried and tested healing technique. In Tibetan singing bowl sound healing technique, specially designed and hand-made bowls of specific metal alloy in a pious environment produce sounds which resonate with specific chakras of human body. Sound Healing Therapy helps greatly in managing and addressing issues like Stress, Depression, fear, anxiety, phobia, PTSD, Autism, Insomnia, Parkinson  etc. It also improves concentration, heightens spiritual awareness, strengthens immune system and enhances clarity about life.