If we look at our journey as a society in the last 2-3 decades it has been most interesting. From waiting for years between booking a vehicle (or telephone) and actually getting it, we today live in a “now & here” era!

Food is ‘heat & eat’, noodles are ‘instant’, no more waiting for days to get a letter delivered, emotions are transmitted instantly in a second. And yes, same applies to our social lives. We fall in love in an instant, we develop dislike almost instantly and sadly, decide to part ways almost instantly. We have come a full circle when it comes to relationships actually. The (justifiably) heavy investment of time, energy, emotions that went into building and establishing emotions in the past has been replaced by a more savvy, sophisticated & perhaps a meaner and demanding process that is (almost) judgmental and instantaneous.

In the entire process, what the current generation of youngsters forget is that, deep down (intrinsically) we are wired still the same way we were 100 or 500 years back. Our DNA has not really changed, neither has the wiring within us which we call ‘emotions’.

And the result? Most commonly as Manish Khernar puts it, “I’ve seen most cases of youngsters breaking-up and one (of the) partners or both getting pushed into the darkness of substance abuse or depression. Most youngsters are not simply equipped to handle a break-up, for the simple reason that they never appreciated or understood the significance of emotional bonding in the first place when they decided to bond”.

While we strictly condemn negative reactions, unfortunately we have witnessed many incidents of hyper-emotional (and sentimental) broken-up hearts resort to drastic, and completely avoidable steps like suicide or substance addiction.

Let us assure you, once & for all, none of this is needed, because in the process of doing so they are actually giving in to circumstances and their negative emotional baggage.

  • Trust us, the mind is capable of dealing with this in a far superior manner.
  • It is just that they never knew how, or never had someone telling them how.
  • Hypnotherapy can easily covert such trauma into wisdom. Our ‘Relationship break-up therapy’ is a specially designed therapy for young and intelligent people to get a better grip while coming out of a relationship, by equipping them with sound fundamental understanding of life, relationships, expectations, long term views, life priorities etc. Our therapy has a large part of content based on environmental context, i.e., our overall upbringing, societal relationships & expectations, movies we have seen or grown up with (and its influence on our overall psyche) and a young person’s overall understanding of love, romance etc against the actual societal truth when it comes to living a long successful happy and dignified life.

This therapy will not only provide you total inner clarity but will also empower you with the know-how to choose well and wisely going ahead. Trust us, forge a relationship with us, you shall always hold our hands.