Parenting can get complex at time if one misses out on the fundamentals. If you plant a mango seed in an environment suited for paddy, what will be the outcome? The seed here cannot be blamed, as circumstances do not favour its growth or development.


Our Parenting Program majorly focuses on the child’s thought process and several factors affecting it. We ensure that there is optimal understanding amongst parents and the entire process of growth & development of the child is smoothly managed. Our Parenting Program also includes a follow up (calls) regime and sessions to reinforce your understanding, and enable you to make a smart transition from a common parent to a ‘SwaDarshak Parent’. Several studies have repeatedly proved that childhood is the most crucial and definitive stage in a human’s life cycle and experiences of childhood can have a lasting and major impact on one’s personality, attitude and outlook.


So go ahead, and make the best use of our Parenting Program.