One can do anything but not everything’, said David Allen

Pressure presses you down – exam is nothing but an evaluation of your own understanding.

At SwaDarshana our exam stress workshop helps students learn how to deal and take care of themselves throughout this stressful time. For parents, learn how you can best support your child in the pre n post exam times.

It is very natural for stress to spread within a family. Watching a stressed out student has immediate implications on the parents and sibling. This is where you need an expert's hand holding; be it understanding the situation, absorbing the pressure (and not letting it spread), instilling back confidence in the students' mind, giving reassuring as well as transformational tips on how to best handle pressure, and most importantly helping the student confidently face the examination experience to their best potential. Our years of experience in counselling and guiding students has helped us put together this program that has been extremely beneficial to students who are more likely to get anxious before important exams.