Buddha said Anger is the fire that burns the one who holds it. There can be different forms of anger like white anger, red anger or black anger etc. As the great hypnotherapist Cal Banyan Says, every discomforting emotion has an antidote, anger also has one. In deep hypnotic trance have a dose of this antidote and start living a healthy life with healthy mindset. Embrace calm, embrace peace, welcome clarity and relaxation in your life. Learn forever not to react to external triggers or provocations and learn to control your mind and your emotions. After all, anger is nothing but an extreme expression of helplessness. Our Anger Management sessions will turn you into a far more composed and confident individual and equip you with skills necessary to forever stay on top of any and every complex / challenging situation.

  • Understand 'Anger' as an emotion
  • Understand implications of 'Anger' on self & others
  • Anger & its damaging impact on social & professional relationships
  • How to stop being 'reactive'
  • Mind control & emotion control techniques
  • Self-Help: taking charge and choosing how to act / react
  • Everyday tips for 'Emotional Confidence'