Realization of our actual potential is the biggest thing a human can achieve in today’s competitive and demanding world. Modern parents are so much concerned about their children’s potential that they don’t leave any stone unturned to give their kids a chance to perform. But the method they use is largely trial & error. They engage kids in different activities randomly. But the problem with this method is it drains out the child completely as they need to go for sports activities also and music / dance / painting also mostly on the same day! And the burden of school / tuition is altogether another story. This results in an unrealistic load on children. And performance pressure from school, parents and society can have severe adverse impact in the kids’ minds forever.

DMIT can be a solution of this problem. It gives a fair idea about the innate potential of an individual on the basis of his / her finger print analysis. DMIT stands for Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Test. After around half a decade of research and study on this subject we have found few flaws in this technique and procedure. With the help of experts in various related fields we have developed 3D-DMIA i.e. three dimensional dermatoglyphic multiple intelligence analysis. Which gives more accurate and precise information about a child’s personality traits, innate potential, intelligence and much more. So no more trial and error with children, get this analysis done and use the findings to choose  the right career and focus area on the basis of findings.

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Pls Note: We do not have any other branch other than in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We have not tied up with any other service provider of DMIT in India or anywhere across the world. To get the life changing experience of 3D-DMIA only insist to go with SwaDarshana. We have not shared our technology, processes or quality standards with any other service provider.