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Manish Khernar

Despite studying long hours if you have been struggling in the journey of “good to great”, you are at the right place! Toppers & rankers have a few things in common; which is what we want to share over here. The Art Of Scoring High in Exams is an advanced level, 8 hour integrated program that’ll help you do what it promises! Yes, you can be a topper regardless of your subjects or grade provided you follow all the simple tools & techniques regularly. Mind-blowing results guaranteed. The program won’t just help you excel academically, in the process it will inculcate life-transforming habits & skills that’ll help you succeed all your life.

Who should go for this program?

Any student from class 7th to Ph.D. who wants to score high in exams with smart study

What stops you from scoring high in exams?

Are you forced to procrastinate?

If your answer is a “Yes” to two or more of the above, this program is specially crafted for you – it will eliminate the need for anyone to remind you to study, it will also empower you with successful techniques of study management.

Solutions straight from the Expert!

Manish Khernar

Manish Khernar

Celebrity Life Coach and Hypnothrapist, (C.Ht.), MD(AM), B.E.(EC)

Lion Manish Khernar is the full-time professional Hypnotherapist from India, working in the field of Psycho Spirituality, Healing and Therapy domain. He is a multi-talented person having very rich experience of not just academic life but also the various fields of life and human existence. He is a Bachelor of Engineering with Distinction and at the same time Doctor of Alternative Medicines. He is Professional member of International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association. He is member of Lions club of Karnavati and Green Member of BNI colossus and former professional member of International Hypnosis association and American Hypnosis Association. A versatile, multi-talented person, Manish Khernar is also a keynote public speaker, an anchor, a theatre artist who enjoys scripting and direction. He has been serving clients across the globe and has successfully helped innumerable people get over obstacles, phobias and related challenges. He continues to develop and improvise his specialized Hypnotic systems by continuously upgrading the latest global healing techniques. Manish Khernar has been trained by globally renowned institutes of Hypnotherapy and thereby, he blends various modalities of Clinical Hypnotherapy techniques like Past Life Regression, Inner Child Therapy, Spirituality, Sound Healing, Quantum Healing etc. to deliver powerful interventions resulting in restoration & optimization of overall wellbeing across physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellness. Manish Khernar believes in holistic healing and hence he does not restrict his healing experience under any one particular intervention and understands the overall requirement of every client from a long- term perspective before suggesting customized healing solutions.

What all will you learn from this program?

The entire course has been divided into nine modules. Each module has been crafted keeping in mind our cognitive abilities, our general focusing abilities and the brain’s capability to stay focused on a single topic at a stretch. In this amazing program you will master tools & techniques that will place you several notches above your peers and help you effortlessly score much higher & tap into your actual potential. Following are the areas of learning:

Memory Training

(Worth Rs. 12,999/-)

Smart Reading Kit

(Worth Rs. 9999/-)

Smart Study Tools

(Worth Rs. 4999/-)

Time & Distraction Management

(Worth Rs. 12,999/-)

Energy Management

(Worth Rs. 9999/-)

All of the above packed into one powerfully transforming program that will equip & empower you to be a super-power during your exams.

Total Program Value of Rs. 50,995/-

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Yes! You read it right. Never before opportunity to get the most advanced tools & techniques to boost up your memory, to bolster your exam preparations, to supercharge your study techniques & to score high in each and every paper.

Grab now. It’s now or never.

Rs. 50,995/- worth program now for you to master at just Rs. 2595/-

Don’t miss this chance. You will forever thank yourself for deciding to subscribe.

Why are we giving this valuable program at a throw-away price?

It is but natural for anyone to ask this question. Yes, we know 97% discount sounds out-stretched. And yes, it is far out-stretched. But we know what we are giving away and we have a purposeful reason behind the heavy discounting. Allow us to explain briefly.

2020 has been a tough year for most of us. Businesses have shut down, millions have lost jobs or sources of income, and countless people have struggled with paycuts and compromises. The year 2020 has been equally harsh on children who missed out on classroom sessions and relied heavily on online learning. And we are now looking at over 20 lac students who will appear for their final board exams. Board Exams are the most crucial testing times in any student’s life, as they can make or break their future.

By making it affordable we in our own small but significant way wish to help students bring out their very best.

Post lock down , we have met up with plenty of clients  suffering due to post lock down syndrome. Majority of them are teenage students. All they need is simple fine tuning and hand holding. They are wasting their precious years of life which can result in huge loss of youth power for nation.

In such a scenario, if we don’t act responsibly and guide the youth, it will be a huge loss for the nation.

We actually wanted to give it for free. But had we given it out for free, you probably wouldn’t have been reading it so seriously. As a token of respect towards all the combined efforts that have gone into creating this powerful program we decided to charge a very nominal fee. This is a bold step we have undertaken, we clearly do not wish to make profits and that’s why we are giving it at such an affordable cost.

In fact if anybody can establish that they are financially challenged (living below poverty line) and the student genuinely needs support we will be more than happy to offer this program absolutely free (provided we satisfactorily verify all details).

Moreover, it is our 100% guarantee, from a team of experienced practising clinical therapists, that even if a student follows just 10% of the tools & techniques given in this program, he / she will benefit atleast 10 times of the paid value all through their life.

This is our sincere contribution to the society not just to help students score high in exam but to create a healthy society for future.

Just when you thought this was great, it gets even better!

Along with the power-packed program priced at just Rs. 2595/-, there’s something even more in store!

Yes, we are giving away two specialized techniques absolutely free as “Bonus” introductory offer!

Yes. With ‘How To Score High In Exam’, you get the following two specialized techniques absolutely free!!!

However, it is not for everyone. The specialized techniques  will be given absolutely free to those participants who complete all tasks given in the main program (And remember, the tasks are a part of the program & designed to help you build your memory and study skills).

And its not over yet!!!

Mega Prize is waiting to be won: if you implement all the tools given and break the record of last year’s exam result.

This prize will be declared during the workshop, it is a secret – but the value of Mega Prize will surely be higher than 5000/-

Total cost Rs. 73,994/-

Discount  97%

Your cost with Rs. 2595/- 

Golden Opportunities like this don’t visit often!

And for this nominal amount, you are getting value worth over Rs. 59,000/-

This small investment will have a life-transforming impact on your child’s learning, grasping and recalling abilities.

Act now. Choose the best ever gift for your child.


If you are a Parent

As a parent, if your child’s examination stress is worrying you, this is the ultimate gift (or investment) you can choose for your child. It has much more than academic value – it has all the mantras, techniques & tools to transform your child and take them to the next level of performance not just academically but in the arena of life. Shape up the child’s personality, buid their confidence, help them choose highly productive and powerful habits for life. In short, a package that will have a lasting positive impact in their life. A small investment that will go a long way in building their future.

If you are a Student

As a child/ student, if you are always anxious around exam time, worried about a particular subject or formulas or the burden of remembering complex equations or historic events or chemical reactions, look no further. Whatever the subject might be, whatever the complexity may be, it’s all in the mind. Yes, you read it right; it’s all in the mind and about the mind. And with the right guidance and expert solutions you can master your mind and its infinite capabilities. This program will help you tap into your right brain creativity and your left brain logic and transform your ability to recall, remember, mentally organize information as well as master smart techniques of studying, revising as well as managing your entire schedule effortlessly on your own.