Becoming a parent is a huge responsibility. In today’s nuclear family system with one or two kids and working parents makes this more critical. Social media influences , exposure to all sorts of TV shows and many other side effects of technological advancements have made children prone to lot of dangers.

Subconsciously, parents follows the parenting they received from their parents or they follow exactly the opposite of it- it depends upon their outlook towards their childhood. But they forget two very important facts , one is the time has changed world has transformed drastically than what it used to be 3 decades ago and second their kids are different individuals , their psychological and emotional needs can be way different than their parents’.

There is lot said and preached on parenting now a days (and I have noticed most of the preachers don’t even have any kid !! :-) ). There are many literature available in book shops saying different things about parenting, written in different countries , different societies and written at different times. Which may or may not be effective for our society.

But here at Swa-Darshana, our approach is more practical , comprehensive and innovative.

We strongly believe that every individual is different so there can’t be any thumb rule for parenting.

We consider a child as a Seed. And as we know different seeds have different environmental needs; for example if we put a seed of mango in the environment which is suitable for paddy, that seed will not grow but the problem is not with seed. It is with environment. Same happens with child also, child is destined to grow if he is not able to grow then there must be some issue with the environment given to him.

So child development basically involves two processes, first to understand child and his environment and second to bring desired changes in environment , which are best suitable with kid.

So in Swa-Darshana parenting program, We first try to understand the intelligence and personality of kid with different methods, we understand child's thought process and negative/positive factors affecting it. We understand each parent as individual, and as a couple and then we come out with customised ‘To Do’ list with lot of brainstorming with parents ( and if needed kids too).

Complete Swa-Darshana Parenting program is supported with follow up calls and sessions to reinforce your understanding about parenting and help you provide smooth transition between a common parent to a Swa-Darshak Parent !

So, before it gets too late, take a step to be a systematic parent it is just a call away.