If you are feeling that, 

Your life is putting you again and again in the similar kind of emotional turmoil

or  you are getting same kind of difficult persons again and again in your life ( Life frequent break ups in relationships , losses in business , no success in job where ever you go etc ), 

or your life is giving you some irrational divine signals like same dream again and again , coming across few number patterns frequently during the day ( life 11:11 in your watch, or 4444 numbered vehicle comes across you where ever you go ) ,

irrational phobias ,

unresolved relationship issues ,

pain in specific part of your body without any apparent reason ,

Irrational attraction or resistance towards some individual,

& then the root of these issues can be in your past life.

Human mind is primarily the storage house of all the memories he experiences. Each and every piece of information enters within your subconscious mind is stored there permanently. And these are not just the emotionless chunks of facts and information, rather these memories are attached with emotions and learning ( Coping methods ) if any. So more precisely speaking human mind is collection of memories attached with emotions and methods how to deal with those experiences.

At times the emotions attached with some memories are very traumatic. At times the learning attached with those piece of information are also very irrational. If due to any reason these memories are triggered in our present life, this trigger makes us experience that trauma again and again and compels us to act irrationally. Even though we consciously know that what we are doing is not appropriate still our subconscious trigger makes us do it. Unfortunately our subconscious drive is many times more powerful than our conscious thinking so it becomes impossible for that individual to tackle it. Continuous crying , depression , lack of interest in life , frequent anger bursts , mood swings, loneliness , irrational fear , phobia attacks , psychosomatic illnesses , sexual dysfunctions etc are just outer manifestation of the inner trigger of something discomforting piece of memory.

It is not necessary that , this memories are from present life only. Our mind stores the memories of our previous lives also the same way. Our soul carries the mind with it for its further journey when it leaves the body on this planet at the time of death.

With the help of some powerful hypnotherapy techniques we can tap into those memories and we can alter or reframe the discomforting emotional charge or irrational coping mechanism associated with the triggered memory of any of the life. As a result the subconscious compulsion of  irrational behaviour automatically stops.

It sounds unbelievable, but it happens.

Note : We don’t entertain people who want to do past life regression just for entertainment or out of curiosity. We are into serious therapy business and we only love to have cases who are in emotional /  psychological pain. Past life regression therapy is not suitable for historical research purpose , it is a therapeutic process meant for healing unresolved inner wounds.